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Thread: KAT install problems with O2 sensor

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    KAT install problems with O2 sensor

    We traced the wire going to the O2 (95 BTW) checked the voltage with a tectom, A/F guage, and a multimeter.

    A/F says its lean, all the way.

    Tectom says .36 sometimes .38 but thats it.

    the car is running super rich, there is fuel in the oil it so rich.

    the car has a S AFC and 50# injectors, T3/4, KA MAF, walbro.

    we swapped out the O2 sensor twice (its only using one single wire bosch).

    either way we cant tune it cause we cant read the O2 sensor readings.

    are the pinouts on the 95 ecu and 96 the same (trottle pos, maf/af ground, o2)?

    anything else to check?


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    Re: KAT install problems with O2 sensor

    from my experience on vw(they use bosch o2 sensors too) when they wear out they will send a signal saying rthat they are running leaner than they actually are running, as a result hte computer will richen up the mixture making them run richer than they are supposed to run. what voltages were u gettin from the o2 sensor, sounds like u could possibly have a short between teh sensor and ground. let me know

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    Re: KAT install problems with O2 sensor

    kind of off topic, but i noticed your location says you are in SC. Do you know of JAckson SC? There is a full 1/4 mile there and we get several people going (mostly my camaro and trans am friends) souple 240's, my bro's MR2, and a few others. PM me and let me know if you are interested.


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